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Very few people know that I love watching the French Open. Again, 2… - jacob's corner [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 29th, 2006|04:33 pm]
Very few people know that I love watching the French Open. Again, 2 observations (in the form of questions):

(1) Why doesn't he just wear pants?

(2) Now, everyone agrees that she looks like a man, but is it wrong that I root against her because of that?

[User Picture]From: poogus
2006-05-31 04:17 pm (UTC)


(1), Excessive calf sweat. It weighs down pants. Heavy pants lead to sluggish reaction times. Sluggish reaction times lead to getting 'aced on.'
In conclusing, wearing pants = gettin aced on.

(2), In my study of current writings in ethics, there is no right or wrong (just or unjust, godly or satanly, good or bad, etc) way to choose who to root (pull, cheer, fan up, etc) for or against. But that is in the narrow scope of sports for sports. While in our world today, sports mean so much more. You rooting against the man-looking woman, might say that you believe that in the world of woman's tennis, the important thing is looking sexy, not being a skilled athlete.
Then we all come to the conclusion that Jacob is right, that the only reason people watch womans tennis is to see sexy sweaty wearing skimpy outfits and screaming like they are having an orgasm.
In the Ultilitarian view point, the manish woman losing will give more good to people around the world.
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